The Passport Office

Not everyone who has entered the All Worlds Fair has come out.  Without proper documentation it is possible to get disoriented in the infinite horizons of the All World’s Fair and be stolen away by lost cultures.

To prevent this from happening again, Travelers seeking entry to and from the Fair are issued an All Worlds Passport.  Since its debut this document, containing nanite encrypted alchemical sigils indicating one’s reality of origin, has so far enabled every All Worlds Traveler to explore the wonders of the multiverse and still return to approximately the same time and place they came from.  (Generally within three Dyson Gradients.)

All Worlds Passports are obtained by ticket holders from the Passport Office at the entrance to the Fair.  No one without a valid passport will be admitted, and All Worlds Travelers can only stay for as long as their passport indicates. 

Please follow any instructions the Passport Officers may issue, and answer any questions truthfully.  If you have recurring orientation troubles with your local space-time, be it a medical issue or technological one, please inform a Passport Official during your interview process.

If you find yourself lost or disoriented at the All World’s Fair, do not panic and do not try to find your own way back.  Show your passport to a docent and ask for help.  Any Traveler with a valid passport will be given immediate assistance.