PSA “Dangers of the Digital Device”

While digging through our Time Archives we discovered this excellent PSA, “Dangers of the Digital Device”! Technically this PSA has not been produced yet. It will be produced in 1951 on parallel Earth for a future All Worlds Fair. However, we felt it would be a shame not to show at least a teaser of it now! The full PSA may be shown to a lucky few at the All Worlds Fair. Our engineers ensure us the All Worlds Fair paradox bafflers should be able to handle it*

*If you experience any of the following please stop the video at once to avoid further damage from paradox: dry mouth, headaches, loss of the ability to tell time, a phone call from your future self, gastrointestinal reverse time digestive syndrome, horrifying baying of hounds of tindalos, sudden appearance of a blue police box, Narwhals in your peripheral vision, or any other sensations that appear outside of ordinary reality.