Emperor Norton bonds declared the official currency of the All Worlds Fair!

His majesty.

The Ministry of Administration released a statement today proclaiming that Emperor Norton bonds have been named the official currency of the All Worlds Fair.

The decision, according to the Administration’s spokesmind, was made in honor of the local culture of San Francisco, which is hosting this universe’s 2013 All World’s Fair.

“We only wish to bring honor upon this beautiful city,” said the spokesmind, “and then devour it.”

The Norton bonds will be provided on-site by the Cult of Emperor Norton in a variety of denominations, and will be utilized in multiple (but not all) showcases.  They will not be redeemable for any other currency from this space-time.  

“This is for your health and pleasure,” said the spokesmind.  “Use them to laugh and learn and eat.  Grow complacent and tired.  Your marbling is so much more evenly distributed when you are relaxed.”

This is not the first time that Emperor Norton bonds have been issued and honored in San Francisco: it is a matter of historical record that numerous taverns and dry good establishments accepted them from 1859-1880 in honor of the regal eccentric.

However , it will be the first time they will be used as legal tender in San Francisco in over 100 years.

“That itself is a significant event worth of celebrating,” said the spokesmind.  “Please cover yourself in cinnamon and peppermint prior to your arrival.”

Reached for comment, an Emperor Norton residing in a universe of patter temporal fluxes said he regretted that he could not attend the Fair himself, because he is still in a state of War with the United States Congress.

“I cannot set foot in your San Francisco again until they surrender, or my bayonet is at every one of their mendacious throats,” his majesty decreed.  “Rise up, America:  you’ll never reform the titans of Wall Street without a monarchy.”