We’d like to give special thanks to the San Francisco Museum & Historical Society and Tamara Hayes for allowing us to host the All Worlds Fair at the beautiful San Francisco Old Mint.

Production Crew

Colin Fahrion Lead Exhibitor Envoy / Creative (Non)DirectorRubin Starset Exhibitor Envoy / CustomsNina Ramos Exhibitor Envoy / Accounting / Project ManagerCourtney King Exhibitor Envoy / Ascension Gong MasterCamron Assadi Exhibitor EnvoyJason Sylvester Exhibitor Envoy / PassportsChicken John Technical DirectorMikl Em Docent LeadPaige Saez Passport LeadTy Mckenzie Lead Door & TicketingBenjamin Wachs Minister of InformationAndie Grace Minister of Facebook Relations

Closing Ceremony Performance

Bad Unkl Sista
Artistic Director: Anastazia Louise
Music Director: Goyo Aranaga
Featuring: Ahna Anomaly, Alex Schwartz, Amber Eckley, Angie Avdeef, April Taylor, Daniel Yasmin, David Flaig, Donna Bias, Gabriel Goldberg, Maryann Hulsman, Michael Curran, Rick Dean, Sophia Constance, Zoe Bender

Downstairs Vault Level Exhibitors

All Worlds Night Court & Jail — Ted Scharff, Rachel Kalmar, Steven Sher, Rion Snow, Dan Kurtz, Allen Cohn, Stephanie Geerling, Alex Merlin Glowaski

All Worlds Fair Oracle — Dawn Corrine, Christina Shonkwiler, Damien Chacona (oracle booth design/construction), Amanda Ortmayer (lighting)

Arbollax — Abbie Dwelle, James Cross, John Michael-Hernandez, Kelly Gallamore, Orin Zebest, Glenn Bachmann, Alex Darr, Alice Li, Cyndera Quackenbush, Richard Humphrey, Charlie Ringer, Alejandra Cruz

Arbollax Animal Hospital — Missy Church

Cult of Emperor Norton — Kasey Smith (concept), Chris “MFC” Ory (experience design), Aaron Teixeira (Emperor Norton), David “Starchy” Grant, Morley John (troll), Dani Gellis, Alexis George, Jared Grippe, Olivia Stambor, Sarah Hagstrom, The entire staff of GameScape SF

Double Exposures — Amy Ng, Adam Smieja, Rodger Rosenberg, Rod SiuJonathan FlemingBridget Fleming

Dr Burgundy’s Electrostatic Medicine Show — Randal Alan Smith

Dr Higgins Whilshire, IV Esq.’s Out of This World’s Elixers — Rick “RICK!” Abruzzo

AxiodimenSional Adventures, a division of Double Plus Happy Fun — Sean Glang, Mathew Pittman, Matt Meier, Vriana Kempster, Seth Rosenblatt, Dave Derpich

Merkintile — David Fine and merkin-makers: Nifer Kilakila, Tess Aquarium, Krissa Fowler, Annette, Eso Aldrin, and others

Mustache Rides — Rachel McConnell, Lucy Runkel, Zedd Epstein, Sarah Aguirre

Mystic Order of the Lost and Found — Helena Noona, Lynae Zebest, Rebecca Marshall

Open Secret Cabaret — Sean Owens, Chris Kuckenbaker, Nikita Schoen, Cameron Eng, Amanda Ortmayer (lighting), Jeremy Solterbeck (“Dangers of Digital Devices” film)

Seas of the Subconscious — Joseph Hren (concept), Tess Aquarium (mermaid wrangler), Joe Jordan (captain), Walter German, Beth Cowan, Alayna Peony Layne, Adam Flynn, Sara Sherman, Fae Comisky, Shalaco Wordsmith, Caroline Christman, Laura DeLeon

Silicon Mines — George ZisiadisRich DDTTyson AyersAnthony Piscitella

Tone Sound Installation — Benjamin Carpenter

The Chairs — Bill “Billfrog” Stern, Lisa Choromanski, Loretta Wilson, Lisa Dunmeyer

Undivino — Jonathan Moore

Ydromancy — Scott Ethersmith, Laura Baron, Petrina Robins, Tom McCarty, Sam “CyberSAM” Frangiamore, Mercedes Vazquez, James Coldsnow, Juniper Ethersmith

Upstairs Ballroom & Atrium Level Exhibitors

Book of Revelations — Hillary Andujar & Hemmie Lindholm (concept and costumes), Jeff LaPenna (lighting), Jordan Machardy (sound), Matthew Goodwin (projections), Henry Lipkis (sculpture), Johna Goldenflame (hair), Hannah Concannon (makeup), Michael Angelo (narration), Sonia Aggarwal (The anti-Christ), Eric Nielson (The Lamb), Travis Sigley (The Angel), Michael Latronica & Nick Melle (The Winged Being), John Smith & Morgan Fitzgibbons (The Locust), Hannah Concannon (The Creature), Hemmie Lindholm (The Notorious Prostitute), Hillary Andujar (The Woman)

Botanarium of Wrongitudinal Flora — Aimee Baldwin, Alexis Berger, Anandamayi Arnold, Cali “starfive” Mastny, Claire Woods, Corey Monteith, Gary Amaro, John “jD” Daniel, Logan Austeja Daniel, Mirabelle Jones, Sarah Tappon, Zeph X Fishlyn

Lisa Bufano — Lisa Bufano (RIP) and assistants: Eliza Fernand, Sonsheree Giles, Mark Guthrie, Heath Allen

Musical Turrets — Alex Merlin Glowaski

OuterBody Racetrack — Jason Wilson, Ariel Rathbun, Lyra Levin, Jessica Kuno, Meredith Andrews, Anastasia Panagiotidis

Paper Ballroom Sculpture — Paul Hayes and helpers

The Peculiar Penny Arcade of One Flea Circus — Al Daniel, Bernard Vash, Rebekah Cavender, Cathy Diebold, Nikolas Strubbe

Ladies Passport Office “Ants”

Paige Saez, Colleen Paz, Michelle Burke, Carla Riggi, Tatiana, Callie Beck, Mandy Hixson, Sarah Tappon, Claire Woods, Abi Kelly, Emily Schneider, K.C. Crowell, April Arcus

Ticket Agents

Ty Mckenzie, Linda Edling, Erin Gibb, Clody Cates, Lynae Zybest, Lorelei Lamberson, Elsa Kim, Sarah Noyes

Customs Officers

Rubin Starset, Sean Mahan, Laura Mahan, Thomas Lotze, Michael “MC” Clement, Jackie Hasa, Ian Kizu-Blair, Tom Lowenthal, Amanda Gilmore, Mike “MotoMike” Ashmore, Michelle Fugate

Aura Detector — Michael “MC” Clement

Downstairs Docents

Mikl Em, Alexia Staniotes, Dan Foley, Mark Krawczuk, Steffanos X, John Harrison, Monica Hernandez, Tiffany Galaxea, Kimberly Maclean, Jody Frandle, Gerri Lawler, Kathryn Wood, Lesley Freeman, Andrew Warner, Becky Hirschfield, Erin Lucas

Upstairs Docent

babaLou Orlowski

Docent & Passport Costuming

Paige Saez (passport ants concept & design), Tess Aquarium (costume fabrication guru), Abi Kelly, Calli Beck, Colin Fahrion, Rebekah Howard, Charity Majors, Cameron Eng, Dan Foley, Larry Lansing, Jess Fung, Dan Foley, & numerous other helpers

General Stage Crew and Set Construction

It was an amazing group as nearly everyone stepped in to lend to other exhibitors and for the event as a whole. The following people were not involved in an exhibit listed above, nor did they have a specific title but were nonetheless integral to the event.

Justinian Morton, Simon Sutherland, and others


Kim Anderson, Official All Worlds Fair Narwhal seal
April Arcus, Passport interior page design
Carla Riggi, Passport concept & production
Colleen Paz, Exhibitor passport stamps
Joshua Ellingson, Docent passport stamps
Colin Fahrion, art (non)direction, random last minute design, and website development
Rubin Starset, All Worlds Fair obnoxious online forms
Chez Poulet Drunken Narwhals, Passport production & assembly


Listed photos are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Documentary Crew

Dean Mermell, Tim Laurel, Becky Hirschfeld, Lesley Freeman, Kiko Aumond

Original Dreamer

We’d like to thank Valerie Leavy, who provided the narrative spark we were seeking during our initial brainstorming meeting. She channeled something magical that day when she came up the name and concept of the All Worlds Fair, a fair of worlds beyond our own.

Additional Early Brainstormers

While not involved in the production of the event, we give thanks to those not listed above who leant their creative wisdom during the initial brainstorm meetings…

Brody Scotland, Ben Zero, Jonathan Meyer, Aaron Muszalski, Eden Gallanter, and others


Security — High Rock Security

Ticketing Vendor — Eventbrite

Lasercutting — Ardent Heavy Industries (thanks to lasercutter owner Mike Estee)

Fuck’n Spreadsheets — Google Docs