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FAQ about the AWF!

We’ve been getting this question a lot from artists and exhibitors.

Q:  “Are Anti-Gravity Devices permitted on the grounds of the All Worlds Fair?”

A:  Yes, but only if they’re analog.  Digital devices will disrupt the Discontinuous Network that powers the fair.  A single iPad defying gravity could destroy us all.  A train that floats in a circle, however, is delightful fun.

Keep those questions coming!

Try New Therapies at the All Worlds Fair!

In our world, Sigmund Freud developed his theory of the libido – an unstoppable force that compels us to sexual conquest and creative acts.  This is a widely excepted idea across many universes.

But in a world where the Nazis did not conquer Vienna;  where the cabaret scene mixed with the mathematicians at Kurt Gödel’s pub, and Niels Bohr wrote a musical parody of the quantum to be sung in beer halls after midnight, Freud expanded his theory in a different direction.

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