Join Us For The All Worlds Fair!

Our world, in our universe, has been selected to host the greatest gathering of all of time and space! Here in the heart of San Francisco in the early 21st Century: the City of Art and Innovation! Come marvel at the wonders of the pasts that never were, presents not of our Earth, and futures that never will be again! It is nigh impossible to imagine what majestic sights you will find at the All Worlds Fair!

  • Get pulled into a mystic play that writes the universe as it is performed!
  • Become swept up in an alien waltz performed by a long dead queen from the Andromeda Galaxy!
  • Swim the Seas of your own Subconscious!

The All Worlds Fair will exist at the Old Mint at 5th & Mission on February 22nd & 23rd!

Tickets Are Sold Out!

Meta-History of the All Worlds Fair

There have been All Worlds Fairs since there were universes to be displayed – but we have only had access to a few of them, which happened in worlds close by.

The first All Worlds Fair of which our world has a record was held on an earth much like our own and hosted by the Kangxi Emperor of China, whose ancestors had discovered America and whose imperial navy launched the first ship to the moon. When they found the moon was just a desolate rock they covered it in calligraphy that could be read from the earth, a poem about death and rebirth that gradually unfolded until it was fully visible in the full moon, then gradually disappeared again.

At the Kangxi All Worlds Fair there was much majesty including…

  • A room from a virtual reality universe in which a single person could stand in all four corners at once!
  • Steaks cut from the very last dinosaur in any world!
  • A cabaret featuring the princesses of dead nations singing love songs in lost languages!

The next All Worlds Fair to be hosted by a universe similar to our own was chaired by Dr. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s personal Necromancer, whose sorcery sank the Spanish Armada and brought it up again from the ocean floor, giving England an unstoppable undead navy! Their All Worlds Fair was famous for including such wonders as…

  • A chance for every visitor to hold Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur.
  • A phonograph that could record half a sentence and finish the second half when played back.
  • The first Rodin sculpture ever to utilize zero gravity

Now it’s our turn in our universe and timeline to host the All Worlds Fair!

Get Your Tickets For This Once In A Lifetime Event!

We are sold out! If you are looking for a ticket, we recommend asking friends and friends of friends via any of this world’s social media networks. While not as efficient as Planet K’s telepathic Mindbook service, Facebook can be useful as can other classified services. If you are selling tickets, DO NOT sell for more than they are worth! This is a grand event and such behavior is quite uncouth.

Each ticket is redeemable for one extraordinary 2 to 3 hour experience. It can only be claimed at the date and time listed. No late entry allowed, please be prompt. Like life itself, all tickets are neither refundable nor transferable to different showings. If attending in a group please plan ahead and purchase tickets for the same showing together as tickets will gradually sell out.

Before purchasing your one-way ticket, please read the requirements for all Travelers (attendees) of the All Worlds Fair:

  • In keeping with traditions established in the Treaty of Argon, the dress code is Monochrome, White on Black, emphasizing White. Strict checks will be provided to ensure adherence. Due to the format and duration of our showings, no coat check is provided.
  • The All Worlds Fair is a very active and lively event, rest areas will only be provide for passport processing and exiting zero gravity chambers. Please note this is not a sit down event.
  • In order to preserve the delicate Discontinuous Network that powers the Fair, the usage of digital devices is not allowed inside the fairgrounds. This ban includes Cellular Telephones, Electronic Wrist Watches, and Digital Cameras of any caliber. A personal Traveler’s pouch will be provided to seal up any digital devices during border crossing to ensure your safety while traversing through the All Worlds Fair. If a Traveler is found with a broken seal, tampered travelers pouch or a digital device in use, they may be required to answer for their crimes in front of the All Worlds Night Court.
  • This is an All Ages Fair. Out of respect to local constabulary, alcoholic beverages must be kept outside.
  • Due to intergalactic embargoes and immunization, no food or drink is allowed nor will any be served inside the Fair.
  • Approved devices include Analog Telephones, Mechanical Pocket Watches, and Film Photography Cameras.
  • For posterity, memories of your attendance at the All Worlds Fair may be recorded through photographic and phonographic means.
  • Prior to the All World’s Fair an Immigration Form will be delivered to you via electronic mail. Please fill it out in advance, after approval a new All Worlds Fair Passport will be issued to you during border crossing.
  • By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that your entry to the All Worlds Fair may be revoked if these requirements are not followed.


Note: All showings, regardless of group name, take place at The Old Mint building in San Francisco.

Friday, February 22nd

Show TimeDurationGroup
7:00 PM2 – 3 hrsAichi$25$30$35$40
8:30 PM2 – 3 hrsBrisbane$25$30$35$40
10:00 PM2 – 3 hrsChicago$25$30$35$40

Saturday, February 23rd

Show TimeDurationGroup
5:30 PM2 – 3 hrsLisbon$25$30$35$40
6:40 PM2 – 3 hrsMilan$25$30$35$40
7:50 PM2 – 3 hrsNorfolk$25$30$35$40
9:10 PM2 – 3 hrsOsaka$25$30$35$40
10:20 PM2 – 3 hrsPhiladelphia$25$30$35$40

Ticket prices are presented on an galactic quantum sliding ladder. If a showing at a particular price point is not listed, it sadly has sold out and is no longer available. Please check Eventbrite for up to the second updates on ticket availability.

Information Desk

Do you have questions that need to be answered or comments that should be heard regarding the All Worlds Fair? Please check in with our Information Desk.